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Outdoor Kitchen Design Center

Before you buy, you need a plan!

To help consumers create the luxurious outdoor kitchen of their dreams, BBQ Brothers also offers outdoor kitchen and fireplace design assistance. By using computer aided designs we can help you plan and visualize a 3D view of your space.  Let us help you design your unused space into your dream outdoor living area.  

Creating a functional space


Think about how much are you willing to spend? Also take into consideration you are building into the equity of your home. This will only help the resale value when you decide to sell.


How often do you cook?

How many people do you cook for?

What types of food do you enjoy cooking? (ie. grilling, smoking, pizza)

Other types of entertaining?

If you are not a griller we have you covered. Conform your outdoor space into a social gathering area equipped with bars, refrigerators, kegerators, fire features and more.


Designing an outdoor kitchen should be considered as an extension of your home. Much like interior kitchen designs, a functional outdoor space should be grouped into 3  zones.

Zone 1. Grilling station

Zone 2. Prep area

Zone 3. Entertaining

It is very important to check local building and fire codes. Zoning laws vary from city to city and may restrict the location of your outdoor space. You may also be required to obtain permits to build on your property.

The most popular layouts for outdoor kitchens are straight, L shape, and U shape. Straight layouts are the simplest and most economical of designs. The L shape layout allows for two areas, one for cooking and the other for either prepping or serving. The U shape layouts are among the largest designs. This design gives you three zones for grilling, prepping and entertaining.


Grill size

Other components (side burners, refrigeration, ice makers, etc)

Other accessories (storage, rotisseries, trash bins, bar caddies, hand tools, etc.)


Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces can be constructed in a variety of ways. It's best to use weather resistant materials.

a. Conventional masonry  (concrete block, brick)

b. Metal framing

c. Prefab kits

Construction finishes are all based on the owners personal tastes. Some common examples are brick, stone, stucco & tiles.  Common counter tops are granite, tile, concrete or stone. Most outdoor kitchens require some form of electric and or plumbing. We strongly recommend when installing an outdoor kitchen or fireplace you consult a local professional.

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