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Memphis Wood Fired Pellet Grills

  • Cook Your Favorite Foods Using Modern Kitchen Appliances in Your Designer Outdoor Kitchen

    Designing and building a stylish outdoor kitchen is a popular dream for many people today. Individuals who love to cook different types of foods as well as those who love to eat delicious smoked, grilled foods know the importance of having an outdoor kitchen. Every house comes with a conventional indoor kitchen and most people are accustomed to cooking in these traditional, indoor kitchens. But, those who are adventurous in the cooking realm and like trying new things prefer to have an outdoor kitchen in addition to the traditional indoor kitchen. Cooking in an open space can be more enjoyable than cooking inside.

    If you have sufficient open space outside your house, you can certainly set up an outdoor kitchen and equip it with all sorts of technologically advanced modern outdoor kitchen appliances. There are many well-known service providers, who can design your outdoor kitchen as per your preferences, and also, help you in installing your designer outdoor kitchen appliances and equipment. Companies, like BBQ Brothers, can stylishly design outdoor kitchens that will suite your outdoor living space and needs, very easily. You can also visit their online store at and buy not only name brand outdoor equipment and appliances, but also complimenting accessories.  They carry a variety of high-quality, branded outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories such as Memphis Grills, Fire Magic, Lynx and Summerset.

    Memphis Wood Fired Pellet Grills

    BBQ Brothers offers the best quality built-in grills in South Florida allowing you to prepare mouth-watering dishes with very little effort and in practically no time at all. Shopping from BBQ Brothers online store is very intuitive and easy. You just need to visit the online stores and choose the outdoor kitchen appliances, equipment and/or accessories that you want to buy from the available categories, and place your order. And then once your outdoor kitchen is built, you can invite your friends and family to your home and celebrate special occasions with tasty, flavorful, grilled or smoked foods that the entire neighborhood will be talking about for decades. So, visit BBQ Brothers today and buy all your necessary outdoor kitchen appliances, equipment and accessories, and don’t waste another minute because building an outdoor kitchen as never been so easy when the expert professionals like BBQ Brothers are there to help you.

  • Why are Wood Fired Pellet Grills Popular?

    The mere mention of words like Chili Adobo, Southern Comfort, Texas Style, Pacific Rim and, of course, Memphis Style, are enough to make anyone crave real BBQ flavor. The grills that will bring this flavor to life are the wood fired pellet grills.

    Real barbecue is meat cooked slowly, over low heat, with smoke. Smoking means slow-cooking meat with indirect heat, burning wood or coal in an oxygen-short closed box, generating smoke rather than fire.

    Pork ribs, pork shoulder, chicken, beef brisket are all your favorite meets that are traditionally thought to be barbecue. The meats are cooked slowly in a smoker until they fall-off-the-bone tender, have deep smoky flavor and are perfectly delicious.

    There are four types of smokers used in BBQ:

    Offset Smoker: An offset smoker contains a firebox on the side of the unit and is generally not directly under the meat.

    BBQ GrillsWood Fired Pellet Grill: A wood fired pellet grill is a versatile grill that can be used for smoking.With smoke produced from wood pellets, in a temperature controlled dual fan system, you can generate five star flavor and cooking with the touch of a button.

    Vertical Smoker: Such smokers are easy to use and they have the heat source at the bottom of the unit, a water pan directly over the heat source and then racks to support the meat over the water pan.

    Fire-Pit: To build it, a three-sided box structure is built with fire bricks and a fire is built inside the box. You can smoke the meat over the fire. Meats simply taste superb.

    Among all of the BBQ smokers, the wood fired pellet grills are the most popular. Memphis Wood Fired Grills is an outstanding brand that provides a groundbreaking solution for hassle-free outdoor barbecues. Explore your taste buds with smoked brisket, wood fired pizza, roasting turkey or even baking artisan breads. Purchase one online today at BBQ Brothers Smokers and Wood Pellet Grills and enjoy your smoked meats in hours.

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