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How to select the Best BBQ Grill when designing your Outdoor Kitchen

Today, having the right grill to enjoy a meal with your friends and family is a must. Not only from an entertaining stand point but also from the cooking side of things. There is nothing better than a perfect meal cooked on the grill. For many, the process of designing your outdoor kitchen can be as difficult and overwhelming as purchasing a car. There are many decisions to make such as price, BTUs, square inches, direct or indirect, smokers, rotisseries, sear burners, etc. That's why we are here. We make the process of selecting the perfect grill for you seamless.

Step 1: Determining a Budget

Everyone wants the wine taste on a beer budget. Searching by brands will narrow down your results. Some of the high end brands are Lynx, FireMagic, Alturi grills & Memphis Wood Pellet Grill. Some mid-range priced grills are Sedona, Summerset's TRL & TRLD, Profire & Lazyman. The more affordable/ cost conscious grills are Summerset's Sizzler, Coyote, MHP & AOG.

Step 2: Features

You've chosen your brand, now ask yourself what type of cooking you like? Do you like slow smoking food with wood pellets or charcoal, cooking on high heat/ sear cooking, direct flame or indirect oven style? There are many features on grills to change the cooking styles. Knowing what you want to cook will help you make your decision.

Step 3: Quality

Selecting a grill with quality construction is imperative. If you buy cheap, you will be paying for it in the long run by constantly purchasing replacement parts. And if you are not handy, hiring someone to repair it is costly.

Step 4: Warranty  

Selecting a grill with a good warranty will help avoid the cost of replacement  parts. Some brands of grills even cover up to a certain amount of labor. You are investing in quality cooking appliances! You deserve the best, don't short change your investment.

Step 5: Reviews

If you are still on the fence between grills, don't forget to search other consumer reviews or contact us here at BBQ Brothers Contact Page.

We are here to provide you with professional knowledge and quality service.

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