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  • Shop for Name Brand Outdoor Kitchen Appliances this Labor Day Weekend

    It’s a fact that most people like to cook a variety of dishes, and so they are always looking for new recipes and are trying to learn new methods for cooking their favorite foods. Because of an individuals need and love for foods the kitchen is by far one of the most important rooms in the house.As a result, people take a lot of time to design and decorate their kitchens beautifully and to their taste. In addition to a person’s indoor kitchen, today, people also take the time to build designer outdoor kitchens.  The popularity of building outdoor kitchens has increased tremendously in recent years.  However, in order to set up an outdoor kitchen, the first thing you need to check is whether or not you have enough space outside your house, either by your pool, garden or backyard, and then you need to decide on your budget.

    Outdoor kitchens are very different from indoor kitchens in the way they are designed and the equipment that you purchase for your outdoor kitchen. With the help of technological advances outdoor kitchen appliances easily allow you to cook all sorts of foods in less time with minimal effort.  If you are in the market for popular name brand outdoor kitchen equipment from brands such as Summerset, Lynx, Fire Magic or American Outdoor Grills to name but a few, you can visit well-known online stores, like which sell a diverse collection of branded, high-quality outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories.

    kitchen appliances

    At, you can get all types of outdoor kitchen appliances, grills and accessories at the best prices. Their online store sells numerous types of barbecue grills, such as gas grills, portable grills, cart grills, built-in grills, wood fire pellet grills, etc. Moreover, their services are excellent and your purchased items will be shipped out to you within 24-48 hours. You simply can just select your equipment or accessories by category or brand and never leave the comfort of your own home. You can also contact their expert professionals to recommend the best equipment for your kitchen as well as design your dream outdoor kitchen as per your requirements, budget, and space.

    So, this Labor Day weekend, along with honoring the American Labor movement and celebrating your contribution to your career, invite your friends and relatives over to enjoy a relaxing day in your new outdoor kitchen. Take advantage of the Labor Day sales from online stores like and get a new outdoor refrigerator or a new outdoor sink to go along with your new outdoor grill.  Run to the grocery store and load up on burgers, hot dogs, kabobs, fresh shrimp, fish and whatever else you fancy and grill up a feast and make the weekend even more special.

  • Cook Your Favorite Foods Using Modern Kitchen Appliances in Your Designer Outdoor Kitchen

    Designing and building a stylish outdoor kitchen is a popular dream for many people today. Individuals who love to cook different types of foods as well as those who love to eat delicious smoked, grilled foods know the importance of having an outdoor kitchen. Every house comes with a conventional indoor kitchen and most people are accustomed to cooking in these traditional, indoor kitchens. But, those who are adventurous in the cooking realm and like trying new things prefer to have an outdoor kitchen in addition to the traditional indoor kitchen. Cooking in an open space can be more enjoyable than cooking inside.

    If you have sufficient open space outside your house, you can certainly set up an outdoor kitchen and equip it with all sorts of technologically advanced modern outdoor kitchen appliances. There are many well-known service providers, who can design your outdoor kitchen as per your preferences, and also, help you in installing your designer outdoor kitchen appliances and equipment. Companies, like BBQ Brothers, can stylishly design outdoor kitchens that will suite your outdoor living space and needs, very easily. You can also visit their online store at and buy not only name brand outdoor equipment and appliances, but also complimenting accessories.  They carry a variety of high-quality, branded outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories such as Memphis Grills, Fire Magic, Lynx and Summerset.

    Memphis Wood Fired Pellet Grills

    BBQ Brothers offers the best quality built-in grills in South Florida allowing you to prepare mouth-watering dishes with very little effort and in practically no time at all. Shopping from BBQ Brothers online store is very intuitive and easy. You just need to visit the online stores and choose the outdoor kitchen appliances, equipment and/or accessories that you want to buy from the available categories, and place your order. And then once your outdoor kitchen is built, you can invite your friends and family to your home and celebrate special occasions with tasty, flavorful, grilled or smoked foods that the entire neighborhood will be talking about for decades. So, visit BBQ Brothers today and buy all your necessary outdoor kitchen appliances, equipment and accessories, and don’t waste another minute because building an outdoor kitchen as never been so easy when the expert professionals like BBQ Brothers are there to help you.

  • Design Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen to Celebrate Memorial Day

    A well-decorated and well-equipped outdoor kitchen is just what is needed this Memorial Day. It is far more enjoyable and relaxing to cook in an outdoor kitchen than cooking in an indoor, traditional kitchen. But before designing and building your outdoor kitchen, there are certain factors that you need to consider. You need to assess the amount of open space you have outside and decide what kitchen appliances you need that fit your budget.

    There are various online stores, where you can get superior-quality and branded outdoor kitchen appliances, equipment, and accessories at reasonable prices. BBQ Brothers is one of the best online stores in the Internet that not only offers name brand outdoor equipment, but they can assist you in any questions you might have.  At BBQ Brothers you can buy high end built-in or cart grills, smokers, charcoal grills, hybrid grills and various other outdoor kitchen appliances at affordable prices.

    BBQ Brothers takes pride in also offering the best customer service on how to design your outdoor kitchen. They can assist in designing the best outdoor kitchen and living space for your needs, so that you can throw the best poolside parties for your guests and serve them hot, flavorful delicious grilled foods, prepared on your very own high quality BBQ grill.

    Outdoor Kitchen Equipment and Outdoor Appliances

    Cooking in an outdoor kitchen is much easier than cooking in the conventional kitchens.With the help of modern technology, today’s outdoor kitchen appliances allow you to easily cook faster with very little effort.  These appliances and equipment are also extremely easy to clean.

    Every year in the United States, on the last Monday of May is observed as a holiday, and this day had originated as the Decoration Day, after the American Civil War in 1868. Memorial Day is celebrated to honor and remember the soldiers who had died while serving in our country’s armed forces. Traditionally on this day people in the US decorate the graves of the dead soldiers, who died in the war, with flowers, and take the time to remember their own families by getting together and enjoying the outdoors and barbecuing. So don’t wait another second and call BBQ Brothers today and get your new grill or start to design your new outdoor kitchen in time for this year’s Memorial Day.

  • What Type of Fuel Do you Use for your Cart or Built-in Grill?

    If you want to add equity to your home, then the best way to do so is to build an outdoor kitchen.

    First step in your investment is to buy a grill for your outdoor kitchen. Based upon the built-in grill you choose you can decide on what grill accessories are necessary to make your cooking easier. An outdoor kitchen brings not only ease of clean-up, it also saves you time from running back and forth through your indoor kitchen when you are entertaining in your backyard.

    There are a number of different grill with various features, but the major difference is based on the fuel they use, namely propane, charcoal or wood.All these grill types have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they all come in cart or freestanding grills and built-in grills.

    Discover Below a Few Important Features of Cart and Built-in Grills:

    Some of you might love the raw smell and taste of the way your meats and veggies cook on a charcoal grill.  Many people also believe that a charcoal grill can be more inexpensive than that of a gas grill, depending upon the features and brand of grill, but they also can be easier to clean.

    Cart Gas Grill

    Charcoal grills are also often easy-to-carry anywhere you want and also safer than the gas grills. Both charcoal grills and gas grills(if a quality brand is purchased) are considered very durable and will last for a long time. Majority of these high end grills are easy to use and come equipped with convenient features such as a built-in thermometer for easy temperature reading.

    There are also other types of grills, besides gas and charcoal in the market.  For example, Memphis grills use neither gas nor charcoal, but instead use wood pellets for fuel.  Memphis Grills are very popular among barbeque fans. These grills are designed in a way that they can produce absolutely flawless heat distribution.

    But, no matter the grill fuel type or whether it is built-in or on a cart, upon installing them in your backyard by your outside patio, you can increase not only appeal of your home but also add a new flare to your cooking.  Especially during the summer months, these built-in and/or cart grills prove to be a very convenient instrument for cooking where you can not only cook delicious foods, but can also entertain your family and friends.

  • Increase the Equity of your Home by Installing a Built-In Grill

    If you are trying to increase the value of your home, then there are several ways to do so; but one of the best ways is by investing in building an outdoor kitchen area.  By selecting the right outdoor equipment like a built-in grill, and complimenting outdoor appliances and accessories you can increase the appeal of your home.

    There is a wide selection of brands for built-in grills in charcoal, wood fired and propane, not to mention a number of grill accessories that can help make your cooking easier and give you different flavors.  Whether the built-in grill is charcoal or propane they all have their own pros and cons.

    The benefit of charcoal and wood fired pellet grills is that you get that unique smoky flavor to your cooking, whether it is burgers, ribs, sausages or a rotisserie chicken.  Charcoal and wood fired pellet grills can be less expensive than gas grills, and they offer an easy clean-up. Not to mention, they also say charcoal and wood fired pellet grills are safer in comparison to gas grills.

    Installing Built-In Grills

    Built-in grills blend nicely into your outdoor living space.  They not only look aesthetically pleasing, but you can save a lot on space.  Many built-in grills also have matching accessories such as, storage drawers and doors, micro refrigerators, trash bins, side burners and grill covers, all to give you the sleek look to your outdoor kitchen.  Your backyard or patio won’t know what hit it and neither will your family and friends as soon as you start cooking in the warm weather and enjoying outdoor life.

    Some brand names of built-in BBQ grills are Fire Magic, Lynx, Coyote, Summerset and Memphis Grills. These brands are the reigning champions of backyard barbeque. These grills are designed in such a way that they can produce absolutely flawless heat distribution to cook food quickly and completely. These grills are also very easy to assemble and come in multiple sizes to suit any sized backyard or patio.

    High quality built-in grills can be a valued possession.  For a home owner, purchasing a built-in grill is certainly a wise investment and a great way to entertain family and friends by serving them a lot of great tasting grilled barbecue foods.  Just decide on your budget, what type of cooking and entertaining you want to do, how you want the atmosphere to be, and how much space you have and then you can start building your kitchen.

    Once you are ready to start building your kitchen, then you want to pick out your built-in grill first and accessorize accordingly.  You can have so much fun picking out a grill island with a counter space and cupboards for storage, refrigerators, warming drawers, sinks with running water, side burners, wet bars, and so much more. This is why it is necessary to decide first of your needs and budget. Ask yourself if you would like to install a gas grill or a charcoal grill or a wood fired pellet grill.  And when in doubt ask your friends and neighbors who already have built-in grills or call BBQ Brothers and talk to one of our expert consultants for free.

  • Why Invest in Top Quality Charcoal Grills and Grill Accessories?

    If you have ever sat out on your back patio or deck and relaxed on your favorite chair with a nice ice cold beverage on a warm summer day, and the smell of smoke from your charcoal grill cooking your food wafts through the air, then you know that life just doesn’t get any better than that. Nowadays charcoal grills have so many advantages over gas grills.  Top-class charcoal grills, like Fire Magic or Lynx, will come standard with an adjustable charcoal pan,304 stainless steel cooking grids for lasting durability, and an easy-open front door for adding charcoal or wood pellets. They also will come with installation hangers that can be used for a quick install into your non-combustible island. One of the best convenience factors for a charcoal grill is that the whole process of charcoal grilling from the setup to clean up is super easy as compared to many gas grills.

    Features of a good quality charcoal grill that you should make sure suit your needs before purchase are the following:

    • Adjustable charcoal tray for direct or indirect heating
    • An easy access front door for loading charcoal or wood pellets
    • Quality stainless steel construction and cooking grids
    • Correct grill size and fit for installing in your outdoor island

    And, if you invest in the best name brand grill accessories like Fire Magic or Lynx, you won’t lose out your investment.  Buying the right type of grill accessories can make or break your grilling experience.

    Top quality Fire Magic Charcoal Grill

    At BBQ Brothers you can find top quality brand charcoal grills and grill accessories in various sizes, from small to medium to large, such as Fire Magic, Summerset,  American Outdoor Grill and Lynx.  Just make sure you choose the size and accessories according to your outdoor cooking needs. The type of grill accessories you use can make all the difference in how your food is cooked and could be the difference between your foods being just OK versus perfection! So, it is wise to not cheap out on grill utensils.

    Often when you are using a charcoal grill the biggest concern is the ash storage and the amount of smoke generated. For this reason alone, you should accessorize your grill or ensure it comes with a proper metal container to store those spent ashes.  You also want to ensure you invest in a good metal container to keep you safe from any potential fire when grilling.  At BBQ Brothers you can shop for a variety of accessories and grills that have a good metal container at affordable prices. Remember that when buying the right charcoal grill although it might be a few extra dollars, a high quality grill will last longer and will save you money in the long run.

  • What to Consider when Buying a Gas Grill

    Each and every household has its own style of kitchen appliances and when considering your outdoor living space, a gas grill is a must, especially for those individuals who love to cook outside. There is no doubt that Memphis wood fired pellet grill sand charcoal grills are great grills, but to get temperature precision when cooking in an open atmosphere for your food there is no better substitute than that of a gas grill.

    Be sure that when you are about to buy and install your gas grill that you consider all the options because purchasing a new gas grill is quite the investment and you want to make sure you choose a grill that is not only affordable, but perfect for your outdoor living space and for your needs.

    Choosing your Grill Size:

    There are many gas grill lovers who prefer to have a larger sized grill so that they can cook more food at the same time, but the inside scoop is that smaller sized grills heat up faster so you can cook quicker. So, if you have a confined outdoor area perhaps a smaller sized grill would suit your needs. On the other hand if your outdoor living space can fit a wider grill although it is more expensive can offer more space to grill a variety of foods at different ranges and temperatures. So, be careful while choosing your grill size, and if you do have questions, don’t hesitate to call BBQ Brothers at 1-844-562-7539 and one of our experts would be happy to assist.Affordable Gas Grill

    Choosing your Grill Accessories:

    Grill accessories are an important part of grilling mainly because they provide ease of use and can the enhanced flavor of your cooking meats.  For example, digital thermometers can ensure that your meat reaches a safe temperature.  In addition, rotisserie kits, basting brushes, long handled forks, spatulas and cleaning brushes can all help to make your outdoor cooking experience a wonderful one. So be sure that after your gas grill installation you select the right accessories for maximum efficiency and for the most variety of BBQ Grill Accessories be sure to check out

    Choose a Grill within your Budget:

    Finally make sure that your Gas Grill is within your budget. Before making your grill purchase, be sure your gas grill is affordable so you can get the most out of your investment. At BBQ Brothers we offer several high end affordable grills.  We also will provide unbiased ratings and reviews to help you choose the best grill for your budget and needs.

  • Why are Wood Fired Pellet Grills Popular?

    The mere mention of words like Chili Adobo, Southern Comfort, Texas Style, Pacific Rim and, of course, Memphis Style, are enough to make anyone crave real BBQ flavor. The grills that will bring this flavor to life are the wood fired pellet grills.

    Real barbecue is meat cooked slowly, over low heat, with smoke. Smoking means slow-cooking meat with indirect heat, burning wood or coal in an oxygen-short closed box, generating smoke rather than fire.

    Pork ribs, pork shoulder, chicken, beef brisket are all your favorite meets that are traditionally thought to be barbecue. The meats are cooked slowly in a smoker until they fall-off-the-bone tender, have deep smoky flavor and are perfectly delicious.

    There are four types of smokers used in BBQ:

    Offset Smoker: An offset smoker contains a firebox on the side of the unit and is generally not directly under the meat.

    BBQ GrillsWood Fired Pellet Grill: A wood fired pellet grill is a versatile grill that can be used for smoking.With smoke produced from wood pellets, in a temperature controlled dual fan system, you can generate five star flavor and cooking with the touch of a button.

    Vertical Smoker: Such smokers are easy to use and they have the heat source at the bottom of the unit, a water pan directly over the heat source and then racks to support the meat over the water pan.

    Fire-Pit: To build it, a three-sided box structure is built with fire bricks and a fire is built inside the box. You can smoke the meat over the fire. Meats simply taste superb.

    Among all of the BBQ smokers, the wood fired pellet grills are the most popular. Memphis Wood Fired Grills is an outstanding brand that provides a groundbreaking solution for hassle-free outdoor barbecues. Explore your taste buds with smoked brisket, wood fired pizza, roasting turkey or even baking artisan breads. Purchase one online today at BBQ Brothers Smokers and Wood Pellet Grills and enjoy your smoked meats in hours.

  • How to select the Best BBQ Grill when designing your Outdoor Kitchen

    Today, having the right grill to enjoy a meal with your friends and family is a must. Not only from an entertaining stand point but also from the cooking side of things. There is nothing better than a perfect meal cooked on the grill. For many, the process of designing your outdoor kitchen can be as difficult and overwhelming as purchasing a car. There are many decisions to make such as price, BTUs, square inches, direct or indirect, smokers, rotisseries, sear burners, etc. That's why we are here. We make the process of selecting the perfect grill for you seamless.

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